Volunteering for Background

Working on Background is a great opportunity to serve, to get to know other Emmaus Community Members and have a lot of fun.  

What you need to know about serving on Background:

  1. There are jobs for every volunteer, from praying for speakers in the prayer room, to helping keep the snack table filled, to distributing gift agape, to sorting agape letters, and preparing the pilgrim packets, just to name a few.   
  2. The cost to stay overnight for the entire weekend is $100. However, if you wish to stay overnight for 1 or 2 nights, the cost of lodging is $35 per night. 
  3. Food is not provided. You can either bring food for you, food to share or eat at one of the establishments a short distance from the walk. 
  4. Set-up time begins at 2:00 pm on the Thursday of the walk. We are always in need of people to help set-up and tear down on Sunday. 

If you have any questions on serving on background, please contact Community Lay Director, Aneta Van Horn at neet333@centurylink.net or 717-694-3219.