Community Lay Director – Joe Popp

Community Spiritual Director – Rev Shirley Cornell

Treasurer – Merlin Brown

Secretary – Kathy Brown

Wall Agape Letters – Rev. Dennis Adams

Community Chrysalis Lay Director – Tammy Newberry

Gatherings – John Ditty

Music – to be selected

Kairos, Candlelight, Sponsor’s Hour – Joey Benner

Librarian, Pilgrim Packets – Claudia Robertson

Reunion Groups, Face to Face – Pastor Vernon Shenberger

Registration/Data Base, Web Site – Joyce Shenberger

Sponsorship Training, Walk Agape – Pastor Ken Brown

Team Selection/Assist. Treasurer, Assist. Community Lay Director – Kim Beck

Trailer Supplies – Clark Camp  

Prayer WheelMelinda Rhodes Miller

Walk Entertainment, Assistant Secretary – Tom Ziegler

Advisor Year – John Ditty


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