Community Lay Director, John Ditty

Community Spiritual Director, Rev. Shirley Cornell

Treasurer, Merlin Brown

Secretary, Candy Arnold

Wall Agape Letters, Rev. Dennis Adams

Candle Light/Sponsor’s Hour, John Ditty

Chrysalis, Kathy Brown

Community Chrysalis Lay Director,  Tammy Newberry

Gatherings, RUSH (Hoots) Sue Kutz

Kairos, Joey Benner

Librarian, Pilgrim Packets, Juanita Varnicle 

Assistant Community Lay Director, Music, Denise Seiders

Reunion Groups, Face to Face, Pastor Vernon Shenberger

Registration/Data Base, Joyce Shenberger

Sponsorship Training, Pastor Ken Brown

Team Selection/Assistant Treasurer, Prayer Wheel, Kim Beck

Trailer Supplies, Clark Camp  

Walk Agape, Joyce Hockenberry

Walk Entertainment, Assistant Secretary, Sue Johnson 

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