Keystone Emmaus Board of Directors, 2023

Community Lay Director – Ed Kerlin

Community Spiritual Director – Rev Bill McNeal

Secretary/Database Management (Assistant Board Chair 1) – Karen Leister

Treasurer (Assistant Board Chair 2) – Stephanie Beaver

Agape Letters/Wall Agape – Missy Swartlander

Candlelight Service/Music for Gathering – Alice MacArthur

Chrysalis Community Lay Director – Tammy Newberry

Gatherings (Locations) – Rev Darwin Goshorn

Kairos – In Prayer For

Librarian – Cressa Kerlin

Prayer List/Gift Agape – Paula Brown

Registration – Carol Adams

Reunion Groups – Rev Dennis Adams

Sponsorship Training/Facility Prep & Close-out – Ed Kerlin

Team Selection – Al Heinbach

Trailer Supplies/Assistant Treasurer – Merlin Brown

Walk Entertainment – Steve May

Website & Social Media Communications – Pastor Mary Forshey

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