What You Can Do for a Weekend!

Here’s how you can help on a weekend!

Show your love for the Lord by getting involved in the walks by doing any or all of the following:

  • Pray and then pray some more for the pilgrims and team.
  • Sponsor a pilgrim.
  • Be part of the background of a walk:  There are jobs for every volunteer.  Come and see the walk from a different perspective.  You will be blessed!  For more information, please see the Volunteering for Background page.  
  • Bring food or agape gifts:  Food/snacks, beverages, or bottled water is needed for each walk.  Or bring agape gifts. Remember those neat little gifts that you found on the meal table, bed, or in the conference room on your weekend?  They are very meaningful.  Agape gifts are always needed for the walks.  They are provided by Reunion Groups or individuals.  Please provide 50 gifts for each walk, so there are enough gifts to give the pilgrims and team.  You may bring the gifts to Hartman Center on Thursday evening or anytime during the walk. 



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