Walks (upcoming)

AGAPE Request, For FALL 2011 Walks


Dear Brothers and Sisters:

The time is getting close to prepare for the falls walks, and I am not just talking about Agape food and drinks for the walks or even the love gifts that we put on the beds and at the tables.

These things are very important and we do need the Agape gifts, but more important is to get pilgrims on the walks.

It would be great to have a full men’s and women’s walks this fall.

This past spring we had to cancel the men’s walk do to lack of pilgrims.

The registrations form must be submitted one month before the walks; deadline for the men’s walk is Sept 22 and the women’s is Sept 29.

We as a community, with our many members, we should be able to fill these walks.

Do you all remember how beautiful it was for you to receive God’s Love when you took your Emmaus Walk?

If you know someone who would benefit by receiving this kind of love from God through this Emmaus Walk, be bold: do not be afraid to ask that person to come on this fall walk.

May God Bless You All.


Tony Cummings
Agape Chairperson



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