Request for prayer for upcoming walk in Australia!

“ URGENT  !!!!!!!

Calling all Prayer persons and that can be YOU….

Calling all communities to pray for the Algara Stroll which is on October 7 – 10…..

There is still lots and lots of time slots left to fill.   Please join with me in praying for the Pilgrims on the Stroll… You can pray at home, at work, in the car, on the plane.  If you are in Sydney and would like to pop into the Prayer Chapel I am sure the ladies there would love to see you!

Log onto the website….. http://www.sydneyemmaus.org.au   choose you slot.

Don’t forgot also to check out details of Candlighting and Closing Services.

Thanking you in advance for your support.  If you know of persons who would like to pray but don’t have access to the internet please feel free to give them my mobile – 0419 473132

De Colores
Cindy Kingdom
Sydney Community Prayer Director”


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