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Prayer support requested

Dear Emmaus Groups,

My name is Karen Trippe and I am a part of the Birmingham Emmaus Community in Birmingham, Alabama. We are writing to ask if you could please help us to cover our next Men’s and Women’s Emmaus Walks with prayer. These Walks will be held on:

August 26 – 29, 2010 (Men’s Walk)

November 4-7, 2010 (Women’s Walk)

The Prayer Vigils commence at 7pm on the Thursday evenings, and finish at 7pm on the Sunday evenings (Central Standard Time). It would be wonderful if your community could help us to cover the Walks in prayer, as prayer is such a vital part of these weekends.

The links to our prayer vigil rosters are:

Men’s Walk to Emmaus #58 26-29 August 2010

Women’s Walk to Emmaus #59 4-7 November 2010

I will be sending out team and pilgrim names to all signed up prior to the walk. Thank you!!

God Bless and De Colores,

Karen Trippe
72 Hour Prayer Vigil Coordinator


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