Spiritual Director's Message

Spiritual Director’s message for January 2010

Dear Friends of Emmaus and Chrysalis,

Living to the Limit

Realigning Our Dreams With His

If you ask people today what it means to live life to the limit, most answers will no doubt involve riches – they’d like to win the lottery, buy a huge house or dream car, or travel to exotic places. Those with simpler tastes may say they’d like good health and would consider themselves lucky to have a safe place to live. Others might think of personal achievement as the height of happiness on this earth.

But all these desires fall short of the treasury of blessings our Father has in store for us. When we read Paul’s epistles, we quickly discover that for him, living life to the fullest had nothing to do with what he owned, what he achieved, or where he lived. Instead, it involved a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

At times, in fact, it seemed as though the less Paul had or the stronger the adversity against him, the more content he was. That’s why he could proclaim, “God has said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness’” (II Corinthians 12:9).
Material possessions, ambitions, and even good friends come and go. The only thing that remains constant and eternal is God’s love for us.  Paul valued the Savior above all else and cherished the relationship they shared.

Is that also true for you?  Or does some event, object, or longing hold the key to your affection?

People want to know how to gain greater fulfillment.  The answer I have found comes through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Genuine contentment is not a matter of abandoning dreams and hopes; rather it involves refocusing so that all we do and desire begins and ends with Jesus.

When we commit ourselves to the Lord in this way, life becomes very full.  Dreams and goals have more meaning
when we ask Him to place them within the context of His specific will and purpose for our life.

God wants us to yearn for His fellowship more than the temporal things of this world. If you commit to seek His will and trust Him to give you the desires of your heart, you’ll step into the rich purpose for which you were created.

Bishop Jim Sunderland, Community Spiritual Director
Keystone Emmaus Community

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