Spiritual Director's Message

Spiritual Director’s Message for August

Friends of Emmaus and Chrysalis

Many people are snoozing through life. They tell themselves that the earth’s troubles will eventually end: leaders will somehow bring harmony to war-torn lands, provide food for all, and create economic stability. However true peace and safety aren’t possible in a world ruled by satan and inhabited by fallen man.

The church must stay alert and monitor events through the lens of prophecy. Jesus warned of widespread trouble preceding the tribulation and his second coming (Matthew 26:6-14). He offered signs rather than dates so that his disciples would be WATCHFUL AND READY TO GO AT ANY MOMENT. But we’re not to neglect our kingdom duties. We should continue preparing people anticipating his return.

Nominal Christians run the risk of being unprepared for troubling times ahead. These are people who come to church if the weather is good, read the Bible only when their worried, or allow worldly pleasures to distract them from heavenly things. We’re no better than the drowsy watchmen if we adopt such attitudes. The wise Believer is consumed by Christ, empty of his or her own wishes and pursuits, and fully suuendered to the Lord’s plans and desires. Only a SERVANT completely focused upon God can be useful in his kingdom.

When God shifts things about on the World’s stage, people get anxious. Let’s encourage one another by share how he has worked in our lives- we can slso reveal the sources of our assurance and peace to a world in dire need of both. As the end draws near let us continue invite pilgrims to our FALL MEN’S AND WOMEN’S WALK AND REMEMBER THE HOOT at Trinity in Hummelstown Saturday August 8 at 6PM. See the SCHEDULE page for more details.

Keystone Emmaus Community Spiritual Director


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