Spiritual Director's Message

Spiritual Director’s Message: April/Easter

Friends of Emmaus and Chrysalis,

As I prepare my thoughts for April, I would like us to think about the promises of Easter. There are three of them. Each of them is marked by something EMPTY.


It is the very fact each of these are EMPTY that assures us that God’s promises are real.

Because they couldn’t hold Jesus, because he couldn’t be contained by the cross, the tomb or even his burial clothes, we can be sure of the fullness of God’s promises in our lives.

Let’s begin with the EMPTY CROSS. Because the cross was empty, we have the promise of forgiven sins. The Promise of the EMPTY CROSS is that you and I stand forgiven. Because it was on the cross Jesus paid the penalty for our sins.

In the fact of the EMPTY TOMB is the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the promise to everyone of us that we too will be raised to eternal life. To those who know Jesus as Lord and Savior death has lost its sting. . . it’s no longer something to be feared. What fear is there when we have the promise that one day we will live forever with Him in heaven? Why was the tomb empty? Because Jesus was Alive. . . The angel said, “HE IS RISEN!”

Inside the tomb were EMPTY BURIAL CLOTHES. The promise that they would once again have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. . . their living Savior. You too can have the promises they discovered that day. You too can have the freedom of forgiven sins. You too can know the promise of eternal life in heaven, and you too can know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

See you at Men’s and Women’s Walks, Send off, Candlelight, and Closings.
Your Spiritual Director Bishop Jim Sunderland

POST April 1,2009


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