Sponsorship … an important job!

Being a sponsor is crucial in the effectiveness of the Walk to Emmaus.  By sponsoring a pilgrim, you have agreed to share God’s love with someone you know.

Please support all the pilgrims and team during the walk preparation time as well as during the walk weekend.

1.  Pray for the person/pilgrim who demonstrates church leadership potential.

2.  Share your experience of how you benefited your  Emmaus Walk experience.

3.  If the person is married, extend the invitation to both the spouse and sponsor.

4.  No children are to attend the events of the weekend.

5.  Don’t forget to give him/her a registration form (use an updated one, please print from the “forms” page of the web-site) and  answer any questions they may have.  Mail the registration form and sponsor form along with the full payment to the address on the form.

6.  When the pilgrim is registered you will receive a “request for agape” letter that you may copy and use to solicit letters.  Contact the spouse, pastor, and friends of the pilgrim and request that they write letters.   10-12 letters is sufficient.

7.  Make arrangements to bring the pilgrim(s) to the walk site on Thursday and to return home on Sunday.  Help with the check in process.  The pilgrim should arrive by 6:30 pm on Thursday night, so there is sufficient time to locate their bedroom, and check in for the weekend.

8.  Participate in Send-off by introducing the pilgrim to others.

9.  Share in Sponsor’s Hour (the dedication of the crosses) which immediately follows Send-off.

10. Participate in Candlelight on Saturday night, 8:00 pm.

11. Participate in the Closing Ceremony on Sunday afternoon, 4:00 pm.

12. Bring your pilgrim to the 4th Day Training and Gathering.  Be sure to have them save the date so they are available to attend.

13. Help your pilgrim seek out and join a Reunion Group as soon as possible after the walk.

14. Help the pilgrim understand ways in which he/she may serve within the Keystone Emmaus Community.

15. Encourage the pilgrim to sponsor someone.

16. Please do not bring gifts for your pilgrim to the walk.  We are unable to deliver personal gifts during a walk.  Give gifts AFTER the weekend.  



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